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Macbook Liquid Spill

http://itfixlondon.com/applemacimages/MacBookliquidspill.jpgFastest and cheapest in London with where customer only get charged if MacBook is fixed.

Call us on 02070187490 or Email bookings@itfixlondon.com for more information or to arrange collection service .


We are well well-equipped and keep most of parts in stock to offer fast diagnostics and repair service for all year models of Apple Mac computers and iMacs. Experienced and qualified technician with all equipment and tools available to ensure fast and reliable services are provided for Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina, iMacs, Mini Macs

We specialize in providing Apple Mac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Retina, and liquid damage fixing and repair services. 

Orange juice ,wine,milk,Cola,and any other form of liquid may cause part failure like  keyboard and other internal components logic board / motherboard. The extent of damage and cost depends how much liquid has been dropped either from keyboard on top on through sides.

Best thing you can do on liquid damage when occurs never try to switch MacBook on or plug charger in because it will only make problem worse due to liquid presence between electronic components always bring soonest possible for quick clean-up it will not only reduce cost of fixing also maximize chances of getting it fixed .

Longer you take for clean-up harder and more costly it gets to fix it reason being liquid left inside can start corrosion which can make damage irreversible.