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MacBook Air Repairs

http://itfixlondon.com/applemacimages/MacBookliquidspill.jpgMacbook Air Repairs 02070187490 or submit request quote for estimate or collection repair and delivery service .

We repair all Mac's, MacBook Air , iMac, Macbook or Macbook Pro




One of slimmest lighter and sleek design of Apple Products MacBook Air ; design for ultraportability.

With full size keyboard and trackpad installed with fastest PCI-E express Solid State Drive extremely smooth on the move . 

With Models ranging from 11 inch to 13 inch . 

We are proud to offer repairs on  MacBook Air please call us 02070187490 or email bookings@itfixlondon.com to get them most of repairs are carried out same day.

  • Broken Screen , Lines on Screen , Color running through screen 
  • Does not powers on completely dead ( free diagnostic )
  • Motherboard replacement 
  • iSight Camera stopped working 
  • Make apple chime noise but no display screen remains blank 
  • Part of screen is not shown correcty 
  • Keyboard does not function or some keys stopped working 
  • Shuting down itself after few minutes
  • No Backlight or screen is very very dark 
  • Battery is not charging or does not hold charge for long enough
  • Does not boot to desktop , folder sign coming up on screen 
  • Data recovery in emergency cases where you can not wait for repair 

Below are one of  very widely used MacBook Air Models we repair but if your MacBook Air model is not included in list do not worry we do all MacBook Air models 

Recent Apple MacBook Air Repair / Replacement / Upgrade Services

MacBook Air 13 Inch A1466 2013,2014,2015,2016 Models

MacBook Air 13 Inch A1369 2011,2012,2012 Models 

MacBook Air 11 Inch A1465 Mid 2012,2013,2014,2014 Models 

MacBook Air 11 Inch A1370 2010 ,2011Models,