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Laptop Screen Repair London - Laptop sreen Replacement

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Laptop Screen Repair

Have a screen problem? Is your laptop screen acting up? You are on right place we are leading service provider for laptop screen repair in London, we repair screen with damage ranging from   dead pixel , crack , dim light , dark screen..laptop screen repairs

We are able to provide same day screen replacements for   Acer, Toshiba , Sony  Vaio  , Dell , HP, Samsung , IBM , Lenovo , Asus , Advent and all other brands.

3 years warranty with every laptop screen we repair. So you can relax knowing that your recent replaced laptop screen is a good quality screen.

How much will it cost?

We will let you know in advance exactly how much you will have to pay total for screen repair.

Common symptoms of bad screen that need replacing or repairs

  • Physical damage: these days laptop getting thinner and thinner, as result it becoming more fragile. 2 to 3 pound of pressure can seriously damage a screen. Thus small fall, slip can cause Cracks On Screen Glass or tears Which are Obvious Screen Is Damaged
  • Vertical or Horizontal Lines on Screen or mix of both
  • Very Dark Hard To See. But you can still see images, Screen Backlight is probably faulty Or cause by a bad inverter
  • Screen Light Flicks – -This can be caused by a loose connection, but most likely it is caused by a bad LCD inverter, which will need to be replaced
  • Color Mixing
  • Screen with fainting image