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Laptop Power Problem Repair

Stopped charging, intermittent power, completely dead, have to hold in angle to make it work?
Yes they are all signs of bad , broken , damaged connection of laptop charging port or power socket where laptop charging pin plug in sometimes it also called dc socket .We have years of experience troubleshooting power issues related to charging .

We  offer same day power repair services  for   Acer , Toshiba , Sony  Vaio  , Dell , HP, Samsung , IBM , Lenovo , Asus , Advent , Apple Mac  and all other brands.

All laptop power issues we fix include dc sockets have 1 year’s warranty. You will know in advance exactly how much you will pay total for faulty keyboard repair.


Laptop will not start unless holding the charging pin on a certain angle or wiggle with it.

Will not charge laptop unless putting tension on charging pin.

Power will be intermittent  and sometimes computer shuts down with a slight move of charging cable

Laptop will power up from battery but will not charger anymore and will eventually completely become dead since no power is going to your computer and battery



How to book / arrangelaptop power issue with IT Fix London?

  1. Bring the laptop into our service workshop depending on type of make and model 5 – 6 hours to restore power on your laptop.
  2. Contact us on 020 7018 7490 we can arrange a collection, once received in our workshop we can diagnose the root cause of problem, restore power on laptop and deliver back to youit takes 1-2 working days.

How long it takes to restore fix power problem?

Depending on cause of problem if its dc socket / charging port Ittakes 5 – 6 Hours to get laptop power problem restored with us.

How much power problem fixing cost?

Charging problems repair cost from £ 69 prices varies depending the computer Make and Model .If you need exact quote call us on 020 7018 7490


Email us at quote@itfixlondon.com with your make and model no.


How long is warranty for my power problem fixing?

We uses highest quality original parts from manufactures and we provide 1 years warranty.