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Fans thermal paste on Alienware gaming laptops high performing graphics chips

Posted on : 2015-03-20 17:53:43

We are delighted to say our technicians are fully capable of fixing and understating how Alienware laptops works for games and graphics designs lovers .We have been fixing for long with very high success rate of fixing alienware laptops  problem ranging from no display on screen or a complete blackout .

During past years we have seen laptops suffered a large number of fault developed on graphics card due to poor maintenance of very crucial  and important section fixing of these  machine we truly understand how important is ventilation area or fans compartments for gaming laptops to control and provide maximum cooling in order to ensure system stability we make sure after every service we install the graphics cooling system or thermal cooling pads are installed with industry best available thermal paste very often we use MK-4 which has proven track record to help control the temperature to minimum levels . Hence cleaning keeping ventilation area clear good thermal paste not only keeps the graphics chip out of trouble it also help reducing noise fan makes so in end results focus on work or games reduced noise levels from fan .

We also glad to say we have helped hundreds of our clients to experience them highest level of performance they can get by upgrading hardware which does not require huge investment with good service hardware upgrade speed can be maximized actually I will put this down on a list in separate article to be more clear on it ............................


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