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Dell Inspiron 1250 Over Heat

Posted on : 2014-06-25 23:37:48

Not a mystery anymore to find out why dell inspiron 1525 shutsdown it self after using it for 20 minutes or so .Laptop is in perfect shape have no dents no damages no signs of borken parts . Computer was always used with extra case on table no chance of dropping it but still computer suprise us going off after using for short while it would make this weried noise like fan is over reacting working extra having hard time to cope up with heat builtup inside .When we open the laptop on close infection we found the culprit which was a block of dust between fan and ventilation area was competley blocked and no enough space for fan to pass hot air out side . After cleaning the fan , adding some high quality thermal paste computer runs smooth like if its taken out from box on first day very fast very smooth no noise and yes does not shutsdown .


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