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Aspire s7 LiteOn mSata Raid 0 Configuration connectivity and data recovery options

Posted on : 2015-03-20 23:37:45

Hi guys here we have  Acer Aspire S7  ultra book  mSATA disk Raid 0 made by Lite-On CMT-128L3M 128GB Mini PCIe  128GB fitted inside with 2 small screws its not usual mSATA surprise is its one hardware ssd module but with two separate disk in one which is 64GB each .

Obvious reasons so laptop can be installed with hardware based Raid 0 technology provide maximum performance  & utilize all hardware to provide maximum read and write data speed which results system boot windows 8.1 boot in 1-3 seconds isn’t amazing yes it is to achieve such extraordinary speed its really superfast .I assume people reading this know about Raid O its long story short in simple plain words spit the data and share  workload to both disk can be used same time to write and ready I suggest if im making some people confuse search raid 0 on Google to have some clear idea what im trying to say .

Negatives are the  way Raid 0 split the data on 2 disk incase of one disk failure or volume it make very difficult to retrieve the data because remember Raid 0 does not store copy of data on each disk since it split and share data load in case of one disk failure you automatically lose data on second however  data recovery can still be tried to recover files.

However good news is Aspire s7 can be re configured with standard volume configuration without raid 0 settings  which we have done it for many clients recently plus we also stock the right cables and connectors to connect mSata in case of computer failure for data recovery options.cool


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