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Virus Infection Laptop Is Too Slow

If your computer is running too slow, lots of pop up coming on screen, unusual programmes opening up, internet is too slow chances are your computer has been hit with a virus infection. It should be cleaned properly soonest possible to avoid losing data and risk of information being stolen.

We have Microsoft Certified  Professional who can work  all Acer , Toshiba , Sony  Vaio  , Dell , HP, Samsung , IBM , Lenovo , Asus , Advent , Apple Mac  and all other brands

Our certified technician is fully capable of removing those infections and all computers after virus cleaning will be installed with a reputable antivirus programme to avoid such problems in future.


  • Computer being too slow
  • Computer locks up does not go to desktop
  • Unwanted program windows showing up on screen asking for scan ,updates or renewal
  • Unexpected unrelated search results while browsing internet
  • Internet or some other services stops functioning



How to book / arrange infected computer with IT Fix London?

Bring the laptop into our service workshop depending on type of infection it takes on average 6 – 8 hours.

Contact us on 020 7018 7490 we can arrange a collection, once received in our workshop we can diagnose the root cause of problem , quote you the price fix your computer and  deliver  back to you It takes  1-2 working days .

Technician can service the computer at your home it depends on Computer Model as some computer needs more time and extra tools to open them.

How much computer virus infection cleaning cost?

Cleaning computer virus infection cost £79.


How long it takes to clean virus infections?

It takes 6 – 8 hours to have your computer completely cleaned and virus free.

Do i lose all the data files when cleaning virus infections?

Hard disk in your computer will be completely wiped out .Copy and backup of all the files you need should be made before cleaning or you can ask for additional services to make a backup copy of your files prior to cleaning.