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Laptop Heats Up Or Shuts Down

Is your laptop overheated or making a lot of noise? You are on right place we are leading service provider for computer repair services. We are able to provide same day service for   Acer , Toshiba , Sony  Vaio , Dell , HP, Samsung , IBM , Lenovo , Asus , Advent , Apple Mac  and all other brands.

All computer fan service we do have 1 years warranty. You will know in advance exactly how much you will pay for fan serviced also if replacement is needed.


Overheated it is Obvious fan needs service

Fan making Cracking Noisy

Computer Shutdown after some minutes

Fan Propeller Does Not move

Fan working all the times

Fan error message on computer start-up


How to book / arrange fan service repair with IT Fix London?

Bring the laptop into our service workshop depending on type of computer model service can be done same day which takes around 3 – 5 Hours.

Contact us on 020 7018 7490 we can arrange a collection, we collect, service the laptop and deliver back to you.

Technician can service the computer at your home it depends on Computer Model as some computer needs more time and extra tools to open them.

How long it takes to do a fan service?

99.99 % All fan service  takes 3  – 5 Hours in some cases it takes longer because of some model take longer to dismantle them and closing them back .

How much fan service cost?

Fan service prices cost £ 49. Please Note very rare cases fan needs replacement and  quoted price does not include part. Part replacement cost depend on the computer Make and Model  if you need exact quote call us on 020 7018 7490


Email us at quote@itfixlondon.com with your make and model no .

How long warranty for fan is serviced IT Fix London?

We only uses highest quality original parts from manufactures and we provide 1 years warranty with fan replacements or service.